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You'll find 5.813 holiday houses & holiday apartments in Germany; at the North Sea and Baltic Sea, in Hamburg and Berlin or also for your holiday in the mountains.

Selected holiday homes and apartments in Germany

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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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Holiday regions in Germany

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Baden-Wurttemberg 572

Black Forest, Lake Constance, Swabian Jura, Hohenlohe, Tauber Valley

Bavaria 1.175

Upper Bavaria, Allgau, Eastern Bavaria, Middle Franconia, Upper Franconia

Berlin 53

Berlin City Center, Suburbs of Berlin, Kopenick, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Pankow

Brandenburg 157

Spree Forest, Potsdam Region, Ruppiner Land, Oder-Spree Lake District, Uckermark

Bremen 66

Bremen Centre, Bremerhaven, Greater Bremen Area, Bremen-West, Bremen South

Hamburg 45

Greater Hamburg, Eimsbüttel (District), Altona, Northern Hamburg, Wandsbek (District)

Hesse 158

Rheingau-Taunus, County of Waldeck-Frankenberg, Rhon, Hesse Highlands, Lahn

Lower Saxony 716

North Sea, Harz, Lüneburg Heath, Hanover Land, Weser Uplands

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 789

Baltic Sea, Mecklenburg Lake District, Mecklenburg Switzerland, Schwerin & Western Mecklenburg, Schaalsee

North Rhine-Westphalia 354

Northern Eifel, Sauerland, Cologne, Lower Rhine, Munsterland

Rhineland-Palatinate 564

Moselle, Eifel, Middle Rhine, Palatinate, Hunsrück

Saarland 20

Saar Loop Region, Bostalsee - St. Wendel Region, Saar-Hunsrück, Neunkirchen, Saar-Pfalz

Saxony 181

Saxon Switzerland, Dresden, Ore Mountains, Upper Lusatia, Leipzig - Central Saxony

Saxony-Anhalt 78

Harz, Altmark, Halle-Saale-Unstrut, Anhalt-Wittenberg, Magdeburger Börde / Elbe / Heide

Schleswig-Holstein 861

Baltic Sea, North Sea, Lübeck, Holstein Switzerland, Duchy of Lauenburg

Thuringia 45

Thuringian Forest, Rhon, Thuringia Heartland, Saale Valley, Hainich

Offers in Germany

Here you can find 464 Last Minute offers and 560 All deals for holiday homes and apartments in Germany.

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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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Popular regions and cities in Germany

Vacation apartments in Germany low priced by private

There is much to see between North Sea and mountain Zugspitze: Bordering on Ostsee and North Sea, Germany has got two very different seas. Especially popular are holiday apartments on Sylt and holiday houses on Rügen, the island of the well-known chalk cliffs. Lüneburg Heath and Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte are beautiful Northern German landscapes with spacious national parks.

Apart from that, there are exciting destinations for city trips, particularly Berlin, port city Hamburg and Munich, city of beer gardens.

Germany has also got various destinations for your holiday in the mountains. The Alps, e.g. holiday apartment in Allgäu, in Upper Bavaria and Bavarian Forest, are certainly best-known. But apart from that, there are impressive lower mountain ranges like Harz mountains, Black Forest, Eifel and Ore Mountains. Quite often unusual mountains have been formed by rivers – like Saxon Switzerland by the Elbe and Rhine Valley by the Rhine which also flows through Lake Constance on the Southern Border of Germany.
Whether holidays on the beach, in the mountains, at a lake, with your family or your dog – Germany offers a fantastic destination for every holiday wish.

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