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  • 120 m²
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Wide beaches, green meadows, breaking waves and, of course, a fresh breeze: nothing is as relaxing as a holiday at the North Sea. If you once spent your holiday in a holiday apartment on Sylt, you will always return. Other popular destinations for a beach holiday in Schleswig-Holstein are Amrum, Föhr and Germany's largest sea side spa St. Peter-Ording on the Eiderstedt peninsula.

The East Frisian Islands in Lower Saxony, starting from Borkum via Norderney to Wangerooge - where cars are prohibited - attract many visitors. The mudflats are a fascinating part of the North Sea - high-tide for swimming, low tide for walking. From Cuxhaven, you can even reach the small island of Neuwerk on foot. Farm holiday in East Frisia or Dithmarschen is the perfect solution for travelling with children.
The German North Sea coast is a promising destination for a wonderful holiday, e.g. in one of the holiday apartments in Norddeich, Hooksiel, Dorum, Friedrichskoog or Dagebüll.

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