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Germany's northernmost state Schleswig-Holstein is very attractive for visitors - thanks to its location between the North Sea and Baltic Sea. You will find numerous apartments and holiday homes along both coastlines, but Schleswig-Holstein offers even more: e.g. the 'Holsteinische Schweiz' ("Holsatian Switzerland") around the Great Plön Lake or the Hanseatic City of Lübeck.

Those who want to spend a seaside holiday have to choose between North Sea and Baltic Sea: he who loves breaking waves will prefer the North Sea. The tides created here the unique ecosystem Wadden Sea, and you'll find great beaches for swimming. Visitors can breathe the fresh air on Sylt, Amrum and Föhr, in Dithmarschen or Eiderstedt. Nature at the Baltic Sea is less wild, but not less beautiful. An apartment for beach holiday between Travemünde and Flensburg and also at the Schlei is perfect to explore the countryside by bicycle or simply to relax in your beach chair.

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