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Holiday in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains: Visit the Saxon Switzerland National Park! 50 holiday houses & holiday apartments are to be found with us.

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  • 120 m²
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Vacation apartments in Saxon Switzerland low priced by private

Saxon Switzerland, romantically located at the river Elbe above Dresden has always - thanks to its beauty - attracted all types of people. Earlier, Caspar David Friedrich painted some of his famous art works there, nowadays, the sandstone rocks are an El Dorado for climbers. If you want to explore the nature, you should spend your holiday in a holiday apartment in Bad Schandau to start your excursions from there.

Two of the major attractions are Königstein Fortress and the Bastei, a unique rock formation that rises 194 m above the Elbe valley. You should not miss the spectacular view of the Bastei. To stay overnight outdoors, the so-called Boofen, has a long tradition in this region. Those who prefer a more comfortable stay, should rent a holiday apartment or a holiday home. Upstream, Saxon Switzerland merges with Bohemian Switzerland that belongs to Czech Republic. The two of them make up the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

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