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Enjoy a holiday in Wernigerode or Quedlinburg, explore the Brocken in the Harz National Park! Here you find 165 holiday houses & holiday apartments in the Harz region.

Selected holiday houses and holiday apartments in Harz

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Here you can find 18 Last Minute offers and 24 All deals for holiday houses and holiday apartments in Harz.

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Vacation apartments in Harz low priced by private

Its not just flat country! Even in Northern Germany holiday houses in the mountains can be found: in the Harz. The highest rise is the Brocken with approx. 1140 m and a terrific view. In the past, the Walpurgis Night was celebrated here and today, the Brocken attracts many holiday makers from Braunlage and other cities. Besides the hights, the lakes of the Harz region are always worth a trip, such as the dam of the Oker river in the Upper Harz region. During winter, even Skiing holidays are possible in the Harz. It might save winter sports enthusiasts the long journey to the Alps.

For those who are interested in culture, the medieval cities Goslar and Wernigerode are highlights of a holiday in the Harz. In a mine in St. Andreasberg, you can gain an impression of the hard work of former times. After exhausting hikes, you can relax in one of the holiday apartments in Bad Harzburg, which is well-known for its spa facilities. In short, you will see, that a holiday in the Harz offers something for everyone

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