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You find 330 holiday houses & holiday apartments in the Allgäu - go take a hike in the Allgäu Alps or visit Neuschwanstein Castle.

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Here you can find 28 Last Minute offers and 36 All deals for holiday homes, farms and apartments in Allgau.

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  • 120 m²
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Located in the outermost South of the country, the Allgäu is one of the most popular holiday regions throughout Germany. If you love to spend your holiday in the mountains, you should definitely come to the Allgäu Alps and book a holiday apartment in Oberstaufen or Oberstdorf. The highest mountain of the Allgäu Alps is the Große Krottenkopf with an elevation of 2,657 m above sea-level. The spa town Bad Hindelang is a perfect spot to recover, but this region is also suited for holiday on the farm.

Active tourists will be amazed by the large number of offers for hiking, mountain biking and skiing in the Allgäu. The most important cultural sight is, without a doubt, Neuschwanstein Castle that was built by Ludwig II of Bavaria near Füssen in the Eastern Allgäu. You can relax amidst a picturesque scenery and book a holiday home or a lakeside holiday apartment, e. g. at lake Forggensee or the Hopfensee. Its diversity makes the Allgäu to a perfect holiday destination for everyone.

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