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Between the rivers Elbe and Oder, at the Spree and Havel, is the beautiful German state Brandenburg situated. Predominantely, it is characterized by its rural landscape, the biggest town Potsdam only has approx. 150,000 inhabitants. Thanks to that, the apartments and holiday homes in Brandenburg are the perfect destination for those looking for a rural retreat. The Spreewald is particularly popular, due to the cultural landscape, that is characterized by the river Spree and numerous canals. The best way to explore the nature is either by boat or by bicycle.

Very attractive is a lakeside holiday in Brandenburg: there are more than 400 lakes - only in the Uckermark region. The regions Ruppiner Land, Prignitz and Maerkische Schweiz promise a relaxing holiday in a rural surrounding. The ideal accommodation for your trip is a holiday apartment in Rheinsberg, Neuruppin or Templin. If you are longing for the big city flair, you can visit the metropolis Berlin which is surrounded by Brandenburg.

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