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You find 375 holiday houses & holiday apartments in the Black Forest with us. Choose your holiday rental at Feldberg, the lakes Titisee and Schluchsee or in the city of Freiburg!

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Located at the French and Swiss border is Germany's highest low mountain range, the Black Forest. The Feldberg is the highest peak with an elevation of 1,493 metres above sea-level. In winter, the mountains of the Black Forest are suited for skiing, in summer they are perfect for hiking. There are special spa packages for many holiday apartments in the Black Forest, so you easily relax after a hard day out in the mountains.

A lakeside holiday is particularly popular and the Black Forest is a perfect destination for that as there are numerous holiday apartments at lake Titisee and lake Schluchsee for visiting guests. Make a city trip to Freiburg to experience some culture or visit the old spa town Baden-Baden. Further highlights of the Black Forest are the famous Black Forest cake and the cuckoo clocks. He who is once woken up by the cuckoo's call will never forget his holiday in the Black Forest.

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