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Choose from 56 holiday houses & holiday apartments in Ticino, at the southern face of the Alps. Spend your holidays at Lake Maggiore or Lake Lugano!

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Holiday apartments in Ticino are particularly popular as it is the Mediterranean part of Switzerland. You're still in the Alps but already in southern climes. Thanks to its unique location, Ticino is among the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Take a stroll at Ascona pier or in Locarno and you will experience how wonderful a lakeside holiday in Switzerland is - a southern atmosphere with a sweeping panorama of the Alps. You shouldn't miss to go see the canton's capital Bellinzona.

To get to know Ticino, you should rent a holiday apartment at Lake Maggiore, whereas Lake Lugano also has numerous admirers. The view from Monte Brè to the town of Lugano is spectacular, you should visit Lugano during your holiday in Ticino by all means. Both lakes stretch up to Italy, into Lombardy. You can feel Italy's closeness while you're in Ticino: it is just the perfect mix of Swiss and Italian influences.

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