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70 holiday houses & holiday apartments in Sweden are presented on this site, from Scania via Småland up to Lapland. Spend a lakeside holiday, watch moose and reindeers!

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Vacation apartments in Sweden low priced by private

Not only the moose feel well in Sweden but also almost every visitor. If you decide for a holiday house in Småland, you will be amazed by the picturesque landscape. In the area around the lovely town of Vimmerby, some of the stories by Astrid Lindgren took place - stories that are childhood memories for most of us. A lakeside holiday in Sweden is a special experience particularly for families, make a trip to Bullerby or Lönneberga.

But Sweden offers more than "just" 100,000 lakes. The Scandinavian winter makes the country a true paradise for winter sports, skiing in Värmland or Dalarna are a beautiful option to the crowded skiing areas in other holiday countries. Holiday houses on Gotland are recommended for a holiday by the sea, its picturesque capital Visby is worth a trip. Without a doubt, Sweden's towns are at least as beautiful as its landscape, city trips to Stockholm won't disappoint anyone.

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