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Vacation apartments in Croatia low priced by private

Blue sea, white beaches - the 6,000 km long coast of Croatia is a paradise for Beach holiday at the Adriatic Coast. There are many islands included in this number but if you have once spent your holiday in a holiday apartment on Krk, Brač, Pag or Hvar, you know that they have to be included. The three Croatian coastal regions Istria, Kvarner Bay and Dalmatia all have their own specialties, but all of them benefit from the same splendid landscape.

The Istrian towns Poreč and Pula - that is famous for its amphitheatre - are especially lovely. If you are at Kvarner Bay you should not miss to visit harbour town Rijeka.
Dalmatia is the most popular Croatian holiday region; many visitors from all over the world have spent their holiday in a holiday apartment in Dubrovnik or at Makarska Riviera. Besides the beaches and historical towns such as Split, the natural beauty of this country is an unforgettable impression. You should visit Kornati and Krka National Parks!

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