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Talking about holidays on Majorca, most people certainly think of a peaceful holiday in a finca in the hinterland or on lonely beaches... And rightly so! If you have once spent your holiday in a holiday apartment in Alcudia or Andratx, you will know that Majorca offers more to its guest than common guidebooks tell. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful European islands.

A beach holiday in Majorca enchants every visitor from Northern Europe that know rain and cold just too well. The famous beach of Es Trenc near Colònia de Sant Jordi and the many small bays ("calas") make your dreams come true. This part of the Mediterranean is also suited for sailing; there is hardly any marina which is as beautiful as the one in Puerto Andratx. If you want to do some partying, there is no better thing than a holiday apartment in Cala Ratjada or El Arenal - you'll never be bored in one of these places.

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