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Favourite holiday destination for many people is the lovely island of Majorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands. If you already know this island and want to explore something new, you could alternatively rent a holiday apartment on Ibiza. The unique cultural landscape in Ibiza was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the night life is just as vibrant as on the other Balearic Islands.

Minorca and Formentera are also worth a trip, but most visitors are attracted by Majorca. A holiday apartment in Colonia de Sant Jordi near famous Es Trenc beach is the perfect accommodation for your beach holiday in Majorca. To explore the up-country, a finca holiday in Majorca is recommended. Sailors find perfect conditions for their passion in Port d'Andratx, Port d'Alcúdia and many other small harbour towns. Last, but not least, the discothèques in El Arenal and Cala Ratjada make your holiday complete.

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