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Who doesn't dream of a holiday destination where there is summer throughout the whole year? The good news is that there is such a destination: the Canary Islands. If you want to escape the winter, it is wise to book a holiday apartment in Costa Calma on Fuerteventura. This town has a dream beach of 30 km length. Fincas on Tenerife are highly demanded; it is not only the largest of the Canaries, but also has the highest mountain in Spain, the Pico del Teide. And yes, it might get cold up there.

The volcanic Canary Islands are rich in variety, so that each island has its fans. The green island of La Palma in the West is also called " la isla bonita", the beautiful island. La Gomera has a unique fog forest, Lanzarote its unique and impressing volcanic landscape. Tenerife and Grand Canary are perfect for hiking and bathing, but also for partying: e. g. you can rent a holiday apartment in Playa del Inglés. The seven Canary Islands - it is a must to see them all!

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