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Choose from 512 holiday houses & holiday apartments in Sunshine State Florida. Enjoy your holiday in Cape Coral or the Florida Keys!

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  • 120 m²
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Here you can find 6 Last Minute offers and 20 All deals for holiday apartments, villas and other accommodations in Florida.

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Typical accommodations in Florida

Vacation rentals in Florida - take a vacation in the South East of the USA

"Sunshine State", already the nickname of Florida makes you want to vacation there. Everyone wants to get to know the USA, and on a vacation in the USA you should definitely not omit Florida. A villa or a vacation home in Cape Coral with pool and own boat bridge, or a vacation apartment in Miami, probably the most famous city in Florida? No matter how the traveler decides, an unforgettable experience awaits.

The coral islands of the Florida Keys and the Everglades marshes are unique attractions for nature lovers. If you are spending your holiday in an vacation rental in Naples, you can easily reach the Everglades National Park. Disneyworld offers a completely different, but no less special, holiday experience to its guests, nearby accommodations are located in Kissimmee or Orlando. Whether on the east coast or the Gulf of Mexico, in Florida, there are numerous destinations that are worth a flight across the Atlantic.

Your individual vacation in Florida

Holidays in Florida - that also means that numerous beaches, where palm trees offer the visitors a real feeling of South Sea holiday, are waiting for you. Miami Beach is probably the most famous beach in the US, if not the world. Many celebrities have their own apartment or a stately villa. Close by is the famous Art Deco district of South Beach. If you prefer to enjoy the sea in peace and prefer a vacation home in Florida, visit for example Sanibel Island on the Southern Gulf Coast. A villa or vacation home in Florida can also be a starting point for cultural explorations, for example the Kennedy Space Center in Titusville.

In addition to Orlando and Miami, Jacksonville is also the largest city in the continental United States, as well as Fort Myers. Also here are many offers for a holiday apartment in Florida. If you want to take a little detour on arrival and departure, you can do so via New Orleans, the famous city in Louisiana, which is not far from Florida.

There are many ways to experience a vacation in Florida - you decide which one suits you best! An individual accommodation makes it possible for you to undertake your own explorations during your Florida vacation. When you arrive, when you leave, how long you stay at the place, how you design your day - all this is in your hands. Most of the parts of the "Sunshine State" are set on holiday makers. You do not have to worry about a vacation rental in Florida. Who rents a holiday home in Florida, for example in Rotonda, Sarasota or Fort Lauderdale, has a very personal, spacious retreat and can feel like a celebrity for a few days - this pleasure is not necessarily very expensive.

Discover the sunniest side of the USA in your own way! Find your holiday apartment or vacation home in Florida here and look forward to unforgettable days!

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