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357 holiday houses & holiday apartments on Sicily, Pantelleria and the Aeolian Islands are presented on this site. Enjoy your holiday at Mount Etna, in Palermo or Syracuse!

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Vacation apartments in Sicily low priced by private

Of all islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is the largest one. There are many cities worth seeing, beautiful beaches and, thanks to Mount Etna with 3,323 m altitude, even a skiing holiday is possible. All this makes Sicily one of the most interesting regions for a holiday in Italy. A holiday apartment in Taormina is the right place to get to know this picturesque town and also to climb Mount Etna.

City trips to Palermo which was influenced by numerous cultures during its history, are an exciting experience. To discover Sicily's ancient history, holiday apartments in Syracuse might be a good choice as it once was part of Ancient Greek. There are plenty beaches between Trapani and Ragusa, Messina and Noto so everyone will find a suited place to relax. Another fascinating destination are The Aeolian Islands that you can reach by boat. Visit Stromboli to admire lava flows and dare to look at the interior of the earth.

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