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Holiday at the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, in Provence, Brittany or Normandy - you can choose from 1.411 holiday houses & holiday apartments in France.

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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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Here you can find 94 Last Minute offers and 170 All deals for holiday houses & holiday apartments in France.

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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
xx 313 €

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Popular regions and cities in France

Vacation apartments in France low priced by private

Paris, the Provence, Corsica, the Alsace, Dordogne and Loire, Vendée and Languedoc - even this short list makes you desiring to go to France. For a holiday in Southern France, a holiday apartment at the French Riviera is recommendable, Cannes, Nice and Saint-Tropez are some of the most exclusive seaside resorts in the world. You'll find a rather wild nature at the Atlantic Coast, but also the Channel Coast in Brittany and Normandy guarantee a fascinating natural experience.

The hinterland in France has many attractions to see, e.g. the famous Loire castles. If you want to spend your holiday in a holiday apartment in Burgundy or in the Périgord, you'll be amazed by the natural beauty. Montmartre, Louvre and the Tour Eiffel are only some highlights for your city trip to Paris, there is much more to see than that. Besides natural and cultural treasures, it is especially>stong> the famous French Savoir-Vivre>/strong> with baguette, wine and Camembert that will make your holiday in France unforgettable...

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