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Choose from 159 holiday houses & holiday apartments in Brittany for your holiday at the sea, in Finistère, at Côtes d'Armor or at Morbihan Gulf.

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Holidays in Brittany

In the extreme west is located one of the most beautiful regions for a holiday in France, the Brittany. 2,700 km of coastline with spectacular cliffs and dreamlike bathing bays make Brittany a perfect destination for a seaside vacation, for example in a holiday home in Finistère. Finistère means "End of the World" (Latin: Finis Terran), but anyone who has ever stood at the Pointe du Raz knows that the long journey is worthwhile.
It is delightful for many to walk in the footsteps of Asterix and Obelix on holiday in Brittany, whose village was on the Côtes d`Armor. Those who choose a holiday home on the Gulf of Morbihan can admire the more than 3,000 menhirs (limp) of Carnac (but throwing with the stones is forbidden today). The Breton towns offer numerous sights, from the capital Rennes to the fortified town of Concarneau to the many small harbour towns like Camaret-sur-Mer – in Brittany there is a lot to discover. Be Breizh!

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