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Thanks to its location on the Atlantic, Portugal has got its pleasant climate, the winter is mild and the summer just not too hot. This fact makes holiday apartments in the Algarve a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. Popular towns are among others Albufeira and Lagoa. The western part of the Algarve is characterized by the cliff coasts, the eastern part by the sand beaches and lagoons, so that everybody will find the right place to stay. Alentejo, Costa Verde and and Costa de Prata are not crowded with tourists yet - so there is much to discover.

If you want to spend your holidays on an island, you are well-advised to rent a holiday apartment on Madeira. The beautiful nature, nice bathing spots and the vivid town of Funchal on the so-called "Flower island" in the Atlantic promise a wonderful stay. You have to go farther west if you want to spend your holiday on the Azores, Europe's westernmost part. But this long way is worthwhile: a trip to the Sete Cidades on São Miguel Island is an unforgettable natural experience!

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