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The best known and most popular province among holiday-makers in the Netherlands is North Holland. The North Sea coast between Zandvoort and Den Helder is perfectly suited for an extensive beach holiday in Holland, holiday apartments at the IJsselmeer, a true paradise for sailors, is ideal for water sportsmen. The island of Texel is especially charming with its varied landscape beginning with the high seas in the West via the Hoge Berg (hill) with incredible 15 m altitude in the inland to the Wadden Sea in the East.

Cultural centre of North Holland is the metropolis Amsterdam that has enchanted uncountable visitors with its unique flair. Canals, Rembrand and the red-light district De Wallen - a city trip to Amsterdam is always an experience. If you are looking for a retreat during your holiday, you should look for a holiday house in Callantsoog, Julianadorp or Egmond aan Zee. Wide beaches, the lovely dunes landscape and the rushing of the surf will let you escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life!

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