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We present 136 holiday houses & holiday apartments in Friesland. Spend your holiday at the IJsselmeer or visit the West Frisian Islands!

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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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Vacation apartments in Friesland low priced by private

The IJsselmeer is perfect for sailors, so especially water sportsmen are attracted by Friesland. If you prefer terra firma, a holiday apartment in Lemmer might be the right choice. This small harbour town invites visitors to sit and relax in one of the cafés at the picturesque harbour or to a cycling tour to discover the Frisian landscape. Further popular holiday resorts are Makkum, Workum and the old town Sneek with its famous water-gate.

But Friesland has more to offer than just the IJsselmeer: the West Frisian Islands are one attractive destination for a holiday at the North Sea. Holiday apartments on Ameland are recommendable to anyone who loves long sandy beaches and the rushing of water. Besides Ameland, Vlieland, Terschelling and Schiermonnikoog belong to Friesland as well, while the largest of the West Frisian Islands, Texel, is part of North Holland province. A beach holiday in the Netherlands - there's no more relaxation.

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