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Choose from 199 holiday houses & holiday apartments in Sardinia. Enjoy your seaside holiday in Alghero, at Costa Rei or Costa Smeralda!

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Offers in Sardinia

Here you can find 5 Last Minute offers and 10 All deals for holiday houses, B&B's and apartments in Sardinia.

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Holidays in Sardinia - idyllic bays & lots of sunshine

Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, is one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Southern Europe. The island of Sardinia, together with further outlying islands, forms the autonomous region of Sardinia.

During your holiday in Sardinia, you will always find Mediterranean climate - warm spring and autumn, hot summer months and mild winters. Sardinia has a total of 1,848.6 kilometers of coastline and is therefore perfect for a beach holiday - alone, with the partner or with the family. Along the famous Costa Smeralda between Palau and Olbia invite some of the most exclusive seaside resorts of Europe for a holiday by the sea, especially the resort is Porto Cervo. Another fantastic seaside resort in northern Sardinia is Costa Paradiso near Trinità d'Agultu. White sand beaches and crystal-clear water await you.

But Sardinia offers its guests much more than "only" beaches. In the north, the old town of Alghero is a fascinating destination for those who are interested in culture, and the countryside around Núoro invites you to go hiking in the wild Sardinian countryside. On the way, hikers will always come across impressive sights, from the historic nuragic settlements to natural monuments such as caves and spectacular cliffs.

Apartments, holiday houses & villas in Sardinia

The holiday homes and apartments fit perfectly into the landscape of the Italian Mediterranean island: many natural woods, large panorama windows and romantic places to linger. Cozy hours in your apartment or under pine trees and palm trees, a terrace with sun loungers for relaxing and a private pool for cooling waiting for you. Holiday villas in Sassari, spacious colonial villas in Olbia-Tempio or cozy apartments in Ferienwohnungen in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia – a lot too choose from, but you will guaranteed enjoy a holiday in every holiday house.

Look around - we have a variety of fantastic villas, holiday homes, apartments and also apartments in Sardinia for you on offer! The right thing for you is sure.

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