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Vacation apartments in Carinthia low priced by private

South of the Alps, on the sunny side, is Carinthia, probably the most beautiful Austrian state. If you want to spend your holidays in the mountains, you can visit High Tauern National Park where Grossglockner and Mölltal Glacier are only two terrific nature experiences. Similar but still something different is the landscape around Carinthia's capital Klagenfurt. If you rent a holiday apartment at lake Wörthersee you will enjoy an almost Mediterranean ambiance.

A lakeside holiday in Carinthia has to choose from a wide offer. holiday apartments at lake Weissensee the highest situated of the great lakes offer an impressing mountain scenery to any visitor. The lakes Ossiacher See and Millstätter See are located in a less rugged but no less beautiful landscape. In winter, Carinthia provides perfect conditions for a skiing holiday, e. g. in Sonnenalpe Nassfeld or in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Carinthia - the perfect destination for everyone who cannot decide as you will find everything here.

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