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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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Luxury accommodation in Europe

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Austria 169

Salzburg County, Tyrol, Carinthia, Vorarlberg, Styria

Belgium 2

East Flanders

Croatia 591

Istria, Dalmatia, Kvarner Bay & North Adriatic Islands

Cyprus 1

Southern Cyprus

Czech Republic 10

North Bohemia, West Bohemia, South Bohemia, Central Bohemia, East Bohemia

Denmark 6

South Jutland, North Jutland, West Jutland, Rømø

England 21

West Country, Heart of England

Finland 3

Åland, South Finland

France 229

Southern France, Grand Est, Brittany, Atlantic Coast, Corsica

Germany 1.033

Bavaria, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schleswig-Holstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Wurttemberg

Greece 48

Crete, Peloponnese, Ionian Islands, Macedonia, Aegean Islands

Hungary 8

Middle Transdanubia, Balaton, Western-Transdanubia, South Great Plain

Ireland 2

Ireland South, Ireland West

Italy 207

Alto Adige, Lombardy, Veneto, Sicily, Tuscany

Lithuania 1


Luxembourg 3

Little Switzerland, Ardennes (Luxembourg)

Netherlands 142

North Holland, Friesland, Zeeland, South-Holland, Gelderland

Norway 2

South Norway, Fjord Norway

Poland 13

Baltic Sea - Poland, Masuria - Ermeland, Silesia

Portugal 53

Costa de Lisboa, Lisbon, Madeira, Algarve

Scotland 8

Argyll & Stirling, Highlands, Edinburgh & Lothian, Aberdeenshire, Moray

Slovenia 1

Styria (Slovenia)

Spain 200

Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Andalucia, Valencia - Costa Blanca, Catalonia

Sweden 7

South Sweden

Switzerland 32

Bernese Oberland, Valais, Ticino, Graubunden, Lucerne & Lake Lucerne

Turkey 1

Mediterranean - Turkish Riviera

Wales 3

Gwynedd, Powys

2796 holiday houses & holiday apartments with luxuries in Europe. Show all holiday houses & holiday apartments in Europe.

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  • 120 m²
xx 362 €
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  • 120 m²
xx 387 €
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  • 120 m²
xx 314 €
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  • 120 m²
xx 441 €
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